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Students Involved In Sex Video

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, Nov 11, CMC – The Ministry of Education has launched an investigation into the circulation of a video allegedly showing two secondary school children engaged in sexual activities.

“We are extremely concerned, we are dealing with school children and they need to know that they are governed by the Education Act, “said Education Minister Anthony Boatswain.

“It seems as though that there are two levels of investigations that have to be done, one it’s a criminal act by violating the Electronic Crimes Act and transmitting certain images electronically over the internet. Then we will have a police investigation,” Boatswain told reporters.

“From the Ministry’s point of view we have to determine what transpired in terms of children not in compliance with the rules and regulation of the school,” he said, while confirming that in addition to the investigation, the Ministry has already sent additional counsellors to the school.

The video of the students which clearly shows the female student in her school uniform, has been posted on the social website, Facebook and other social media platforms despite several request to have it removed as an infringement of the Nudity and Sex act.

Grenada’s Electronic Crimes Act makes it illegal for anyone to engage in child pornography.

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