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Bexon Bus Driver Stabbed As Passengers Looked On In Horror

A minibus driver is nursing stab wounds whilst commuters are left traumatised after an attempted robbery along Jeremie Street Saturday evening.

The incident occurred at approximately  8:00p.m.

Unknown assailants allegedly stabbed the minibus driver of the Bexon route as they attempted to rob him in plain view of the bewildered passengers.

Eyewitnesses say at the time of the attack, the assailants were also passengers on board the vehicle.

Witness accounts also state that the driver of the blue minibus, plate number M276, drove off after the attack, seemingly unaware that he had been stabbed; however, shortly after driving off, he passed out as a result of his sustained wounds.

Residents of the Bexon community, who were at the bus stand awaiting transportation, expressed concerns after this incident, as they fear that bus drivers will no longer opt to plough that route after 6p.m.  Drivers are also calling on authorities to allow them to arm themselves with guns as a means of protection.

Presently, the condition of the driver is unknown, as is the identity of the assailants.

The area has been cordoned off and the Royal St. Lucia Police Force is now investigating the matter.

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