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George Charles Sec. ready to embrace changes for new academic year

img: George Charles Secondary School

Students of the George Charles Secondary School are encouraged to embrace temporary changes instituted by the Department of Education for the new academic year.

This was reiterated by Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert, as she addressed the students at an assembly on the first day of school.

The student and teachers of George Charles have been temporarily relocated to the Jon Odlum Secondary to accommodate some divisions of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, presently undergoing extensive repairs.

“Let me wish you a very successful academic year. Very often, we have preconceived notions of what the journey ahead holds. I ask you to be open-minded, put your muscle to the wheel, open your minds to learning new things, put all of your divinely-ordain talents to work and to not allow yourselves to be distracted by people who are concerned with creating mischief; stay focused on your goals. Make your school, community, your parents, and your principal proud,” said the Minister.

Dr. Rigobert also thanked parents for the immeasurable support demonstrated in the education of their children.

“You the parents, I am really encouraged by your numbers here. It tells me that you have a very keen interest, not only in your children, but in the life of their school as well. You are indeed a part and parcel of the family of George Charles Secondary School. Your presence here means a lot to me, and I am sure it means a lot to the students that you are here to walk through this process with you, lending the necessary moral support,” said Dr. Rigobert in her remarks.

Students of the George Charles Secondary are expected to undertake an orientation exercise ahead of the official start of classes. The Department of Education is providing transportation for teachers and students of the George Charles Secondary to the Jon Odlum Secondary, on a daily basis.

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