OECS, Singapore In Ports Training Project

A RECENT workshop on Port Management and Operations in the OECS brought together port managers and supervisors from all OECS member states including Martinique, its newest member.

The workshop was facilitated through the OECS-Singapore Joint Cooperation Programme and was conducted by the Singapore consultancy firm ST Education and Training Maritime Ltd, global leaders in maritime education and training services.

Training was provided in the areas of port management, port planning, port safety and efficiency, emergency preparedness, best port practices and terminal management techniques. The training was conducted through a series of lectures, discussions, video presentations and case studies of Singapore’s ports and terminals.

Participants also engaged in group activities for fostering cooperation and teamwork. Upon completion, participants received training certificates from STET as well as certificates of participation from the OECS-Singapore Joint Cooperation Programme.

Darwin Telemaque of Dominica, chairman of the recently formed OECS Port Management Committee, lauded the workshop’s success.

The OECS Commission and the government of Singapore have already held discussions with regard to hosting annual regional training sessions, and providing opportunities for OECS officials to participate in training activities in Singapore.

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