Brewery Launches New Website

WINDWARD and Leeward Brewery Ltd. (WLBL), has launched its redeveloped website which will provide customers, consumers and business partners with timely and accurate information on the company and its brands.

The new website, which can be found at, is more engaging, highly interactive and features up to date information on brands, WLBL’s corporate social responsibility and careers.

Said Mr. Sebastian Sanchez, Managing Director: “At WLBL we pride ourselves in being innovative and are constantly finding ways to improve our communication strategies with our partners. The redevelopment our website is one such way of improving communication and engaging stakeholders. Our new site is cleaner and has a more attractive design that is aligned with our corporate identity. Our partners now have better access to pertinent company information which will lead to a more engaging user experience”.

The site’s refreshed look, combined with enhanced content and optimization for mobile devices creates a central platform for consumers and business partners to better interact with WLBL online.

You can visit the website at You must be 18 and over to visit the site. Remember to drink responsibly!

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