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Will His Love For St. Lucia Soon Wane?

It seems that unhappily for fair Helen her ‘beloved servant’ and ‘knowledgeable’ IMO Permanent Representative Mr Juffali has won his case at the Court of Appeal and his diplomatic immunity status has been recognized/restored.

Unfortunately for Mr Juffali that court also ruled that such immunity is “ not relevant “ to the current disputed divorce case that he is fighting in the UK civil courts. Seems like the money he spent in Saint Lucia has not had the result he expected. Looks like his wife of 13 years will get her share of his £4 billion fortune after all.

I suspect his undying love for Saint Lucia and acute commitment to maritime affairs will wane or disappear altogether in the near future.

Such a shame that your country may be deprived of his undoubted expertise!

–J.M. Sinclair

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  1. I recall when the wars were being waged in IRAQ and civilians as well as soldiers were dying and all that we read on the FRONT pages of newspapers were the latest sexploits of BITNEY SPEARS , PARIS HILTON and their entourages of Jezebel class WHORES!!!!!!
    NOW you spin the same –
    just as SLP is making some traction in this global economic quagmire.
    Reminds one of Moses return with the 10 commandments -only to find the freed slaves had returned to PAGAN worship and sexual perversions-
    Look around the sociological milieu- any similar themes?
    So Dr Kenny is elevated to the status of Jesus;
    ASSuming he can foretell the intentions of people,
    in much the same way JESUS predicted:
    – Peter JUDAS Josie’s betrayal at the Last Supper
    -or his rat tail switch of color tee shirts and party COMMITMENTS on William Peter Boulevard.
    No doubt about it, Dr Kenny does need HEAVENLY alliances to take on the DEMONIC HORDES @ FLAMBEAU LLC
    -with Peter JUDAS Josie (blessed by Lucifer)
    as their most troublesome mouthpiece or is it fess cabrit?

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