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School Uniforms As Fete Attire?

Image: Party goers show-off a pic on Facebook clad in altered school uniforms.
Image: Party goers show-off a pic on Facebook clad in altered school uniforms.
Party goers show-off a pic on Facebook clad in altered school uniforms.

IS the Ministry of Education of Saint Lucia sanctioning the use of school uniforms as party costumes?

The school uniforms of many secondary schools have now become associated with party organizers using these patterns as themes /costumes for private parties.

We believe this development is questionable, unacceptable and directly attacks the level of dignity that should attend the image of schools and their students. This is an attire which is distinctly accorded to a particular group of persons in the society – youth who attend secondary schools and the SALCC.

School uniforms command an unwritten contract of respect between the student and the public. School uniforms come with a specific code of conduct. Adults wearing school uniforms to their adult functions have no intention of abiding by the institution’s code of conduct which includes no consumption of alcohol and no fraternizing, among other restrictions, all aimed at ensuring that “the school” as an institution remains above board and is not dragged into disrepute.

Seeing non–students or past students of schools attending social events in often times carefully altered school uniforms, clearly cut to convey sexual undertones is very gross and is a disgrace waiting to happen. This trend must be nipped in the bud with a dose of legal intervention to squash it completely before a school or two are seriously discredited or placed in an awkward position.

Schools work hard to instil in students the morals and values that will redound positively to their future and to that of the society as a whole, in these times of high indiscipline and poor parenting practices. This practice of grown-ups wearing uniforms about the place to go party is the last thing educators need to be confronted with. It will only compound their already insurmountable challenge of getting every child to respect themselves and their school uniforms.

School uniforms should be the preserve of school children. They have worked hard and earned the right to wear their uniforms, let them wear it proudly and if they falter it is for the adults to reinforce the importance of their identity as students. It is also the preserve of the Ministry of Education and government to either OK such nonsense or take corrective action.

School uniforms as fete attire are unfair to the schools; they have no influence over how those adults conduct themselves. When it comes to adults who have left school it is virtually impossible for the schools to control how those people behave while wearing various school shirts, overalls and school crests. At the end of the day any adult can descend to the lowest level of debauchery or lawlessness whilst wearing such attire, with absolutely no regard for, or accountability to the school next day, or for the hundreds of young people will feel embarrassed to be associated with some negative incident. School kids, unlike the adults who can wear other things, have no choice but to wear school uniforms to attend school.

We should not be so permissive and “pas mèlè” in this country as to allow adults to also wear uniforms to go socializing.

The time has come for the Ministry of Education to explore legislating the use of school uniforms, copyright its patterns of uniforms and the use of school crests representing all government schools just as there are laws in place governing the use of camouflage clothing.


  1. And how will you PAY for enforcement.
    We cannot afford to control stray dogs, loose jamettes, pissing and spitting in public areas- all SERIOUS HEALTH HAZARDS
    but you are so eroticized by too sexily clad young adults that you need a new BLAME IT ON.
    It would be so much cheaper if you- the sanctimonious holier than thou frigid freak- blow up the photo, pin it on your bathroom wall , sit on the commode , then masturbate -till dawn.
    Remember to wash hands with dettol apres les jollies.

  2. This article does not make any sense. St. Lucian writers and their backward way of thinking.

  3. This is useful ok there’s better things to put on the newspaper smfh on thrusday the 31 of march which is this month castries comprehensive school is have a back to school fete.. I hope the voice go to this school it starts at 9 pm

    1. It is not a back to school fete!!!!! Get the right information before u post nonsense. The school is having it’s annual school reunion which is done every year to celebrate the school’s anniversary. It is a fund raising event as well, all past students who attend pay a small fee.

  4. I must admit that thw article was poorly written for the message it sought to bring about. Of course individuals should not (or so we say) wear altered uniforms as ‘fete attire’, but oh well. This journalist seemed to be a little too emotionally attached to this situation, making for a very objective piece.

  5. I find the journalist has no right to go on facebook and take someone’s picture they have posted on their page and put it in the newspaper…violating the person rights…smh…you could have written your article but why take the people picture off their facebook page…trust me if it were me would take it to the law..regardless if the eyes of the ladies in the picture were blocked. .this is unacceptable. .I get the point but unacceptable

  6. The journalist and the person who gave him or her the photo did this for all the wrong reasons. If you are trying to get something across at least do it with a clean heart. Because as far as i know this picture was not taken of social media. Are you looking for fame, what are you trying do ? There is no law stating that you cannot wear a school uniform to a social event, if you are so concerned about this perticular event why dont you make the law…. haha … really n truly putting up the picture was not necessary freedom of speech im not saying you should not have put up the article because you are free to express your feelings about anything whether or not you are emmotionally attached to it But dont target specific persons. There will be another PRIVATE back to school event coming soon hope youre on the look out for pics. There are more important things going on out there to make a highlight .

  7. The writer should get the stick out their ass…………so what, and believe you me, i don’t think any school goer would be embarrassed to know their school was represented at a fette……that’s 15 popular points….dumb ass

  8. With all the major issues affecting St. Lucia, you wasted your time blogging about this? I see no problem with this as it’s for fund raising activities unless you are willing to give the schools hefty donations towards the much-needed cause. I mean maybe the use of the school’s crest which officiates the uniformity of the school, fine. But really????

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