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Republicans Decimated

THE Republican nomination process in the US has brought to light a number of concerns which are in some ways applicable to Saint Lucian politics. Some years ago when the UWP chose a new leader from outside the core of Saint Lucian politics, all hell broke loose from both within the UWP and within the SLP. If one follows the pattern of events in the US, we can easily notice the similarity of the vicious attacks by way of character assassination which prevailed from the opposition.

In a nutshell, what has transpired in the US is also resonating in Saint Lucia. The electorate is rebelling against the administration of the SLP based upon frustration and stagnation in the corridors of government. The economy of Saint Lucia has remained in the doldrums for the last four years and a vast number of Saint Lucians are worse off today than ever and despite the pleas and cries from all quarters. The SLP administration has developed the art of no response, hoping and knowing that such cries will fade away. Though this administration has proven the point, fortunately, every five years the electorate will have their say.

Pundits in the US have now accepted the fact that the Republican establishment has been decimated by the advent of an outsider who has promised to overhaul a system which is broken. Saint Lucia may be a small nation but Saint Lucians are astute in various ways and they will react politically when the time is right. The old saying that nothing happens before its time will surely resonate as the patience of the electorate grows thinner each passing day.

We should recall that the SLP promised an injection of US$100 million and lots of jobs during the 2011 campaign. Today, the Minister of Tourism throws out another red herring by way of a US$200 million investment in the Choiseul area. How many more times will the SLP administration embark upon nonsensical ideologies. It is a crying shame that any politician could attempt to throw such garbage around in 2016 when Saint Lucians are more cognisant of world affairs.

– Vigilant


  1. If YUH are talking about the fascist Trump and the Nazi TEA Party that fueled his ascendancy-
    Then you are talking about CHAS Inc. and their takeover of the UWP!
    Nuff said!

  2. There is a similar one in St. Lucia but of the Communist type.
    Love’s money, punishes anyone who oppose him, loves the ones
    with big letters and degrees after their names, but he with the big
    PHD have ruined the Nation’s economy due to mismanagement and
    his inability to understand the science of Economics and Business Management.

  3. ………The Donald: exploiting racism and ignorance to gain political power………..tells them that he will abolish the department of Education,…….and his supporters cheer!

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