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Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

AFTER years of concern from every quarter in Saint Lucia in respect to the number of persons on remand at Bordelais, nothing was done and despite the bravado of our Prime Minister some fourteen days ago who vowed not to interfere in the judicial system in relation to a French national, all of a sudden, a trial emerged and the French national has been repatriated SO MUCH FOR THE SEPARATION OF POWERS) or has it taken the long arm of the European Union to register justice, bearing in mind that justice, delayed is justice denied.

It is high time that our leaders understand that a broken judicial system weighs heavily on our economy as serious investors look carefully at our Court system before making any meaningful investment. When Hess oil came into Saint Lucia, the first clause on the agreement was very clear – ARBITRATION TO TAKE PLACE IN Geneva, Switzerland. These are the facts of life whether we like it or not.

– Patriot

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