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Come Out With The Truth, Please

Image: SLP candidate for Castries South, Dr. Ernest Hilaire. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

What a country that we have here. Ernest Hilaire has declared himself a candidate for the general election without clearing with the population about his complete role in the Juffali affair.

He appears at a planned debate with his opponent and is questioned by those present about his plans for the constituency if elected, but no wherehave we seen anyone question Hilaire about the Juffali matter

If Hilaire will not publicly address the people of Saint Lucia on Juffali, can he be seen as a fitting candidate to represent them? There are a lot of suspicions going round about the Juffali matter and it is incumbent upon Hilaire to come clean.

We hear a lot of talk about the need for political debates but given the low level of politics in Saint Lucia, political debates will mean absolutely nothing. Imagine a debate and the participants cannot be asked the tough questions that they ought to be asked. Has the Prime Minister ever been made to publicly address the Grynberg matter? Will he be made to so in a debate? Will he be asked about the Juffali affair after he has tried to con us with a version that left so many questions unanswered?

What is the use of a public debate if we cannot get the truth?

I do not live in South Castries but if I did I would never vote for Hilaire until he answered the Juffali questions everyone is asking.
–Tim Mauricette


  1. The Judge in the U.K. answered some of the questions so far. The rest will be out
    some time later. Who initiated the first meeting, was it Jufali’s Lawyers or Hilaire
    himself? after the first few talks, being well wined and dined, I believe phone calls
    were made to the P.M. Now he could have stopped it right there, saying, that’s not
    what I sent you up there to do so cut it out. No, the bait was set, like when Eve gave
    Adam a bit of the Apple. NICE, SWEET. let’s share it only between us, no one will know.


    Some one up there who knows all will judge and cause to expose and humiliate all you..

  2. I guess the people in the constituency who wanted questions answered, attended and asked the questions that they wanted answered. I guess you too could have attended and asked the questions if it is so important to you.

    Public debate gets the questions that are asked answered. That is exactly the point. Asked and answered!

  3. Legal protocol in developed nations preclude all parties remotely tagged to a court case to abstain from DISCUSSING ANY aspect-no matter how trivial- on said case!
    One can also be held in CONTEMPT of court for speaking OUTSIDE the court on said case.
    Therefore, Don Quixote acolytes, brandish & charge your phallic probus dans le fess cabrits…
    Its the only satisfying outcome you shall find on this wild goose chase.
    Ask Peter Josie he can provide the best GPS details about CABRIT terrain-and then some.
    He’s a master of goat’s head sensationalism.

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