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An Embarrassment For Our Country

Image: WalidJuffali (R) at his Venetian wedding to LoujainAdada (L). The right-hand medal on Mr.Juffali’s jacket is the Papal Order of St. Sylvester, the central medal is the Danish Order of Dannebrog.

The way I see it, Juffali may very well soon fall totally out of love with the Saint Lucia which Kenny tells us he fell so hard for when he first visited our shores.

The ruling from the same Court of Appeal which upheld his diplomatic status, that his diplomatic immunity is NOT RELEVANT in the matter of his divorce case, allows his ex-wife to proceed with her claim.

So, in other words, the exact thing Juffali really acquired his St Lucia diplomatic status from Kenny for, has been deemed IRRELEVANT to the judgement which was handed down, and the divorce case is therefore still about to happen.

Juffali cannot escape it. Nor can those who facilitated what is coming to them at the hands of us, 100% St Lucians. They are an embarrassment to our country.

–Enraged 100% Lucian

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  1. So Dr Kenny is elevated to the status of Jesus;
    ASSuming he can foretell the intentions of people,
    in much the same way JESUS predicted:
    – Peter JUDAS Josie’s betrayal at the Last Supper
    -or his rat tail switch of color tee shirts and party COMMITMENTS on William Peter Boulevard.
    Yes sir, I applaud your supreme meritorious honor bestowed upon the hard working doctor.
    No doubt about it, Dr Kenny does need HEAVENLY alliances to take on the DEMONIC HORDES @ FLAMBEAU LLC
    -with Peter JUDAS Josie (blessed by Lucifer)
    as their most troublesome mouthpiece or is it fess cabrit?

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