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A Lie

Ernest Hilaire in an interview with one of the TV stations when asked about who was rewarded for the Juffali appointment, replied that the Labour Party does not behave that way.

It is obvious that Mr. Hilaire was not in Saint Lucia for a long period of time. How else could he have missed the purchase of “Blue Boy” by SLASPA? How could he have missed the scandal at the National Conservation Authority in 2005? How could he have missed a member of the Labour Party writing to the Prime Minister giving evidence of corruption involving another party member at the Soufriere Development Foundation?

I am disappointed in Mr. Hilaire who I once had a lot of respect for. He stood by for more than three months while the Juffali affair raged and said nothing. Now he wants to tell us that no one benefitted? Do we simply give diplomatic positing to Saudi Arabian millionaires must like that?

Why was Juffali’s appointment never announced in the usual way? If Juffali was giving Saint Lucia a centre for diabetes research as the government claims, why was there no announcement to that effect?

It is inconceivable that Juffali could have been accommodated with a diplomatic positing just like that. It is also a damned lie.

Therold St. Prix

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