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What changes would you like to bring to Saint Lucia if you were given a chance to become its prime minister?


Send these ministers on bed rest.

Love Hurts Alfred
Make sure every poor person got a hot meal daily…..because right now they only help people who don’t need help…unfair….they had ham giving for Christmas and gosh people who can buy a ham are the ones who got 3 /4 hams….(ahvaity)

If I was the prime minister the first five things I’d do is reshuffle the entire government staff in every ministry and if you’re due to be retired I’m sending you home to make way for the many young people who are unemployed and contemplating suicide. Secondly I’d revamp the entire school syllabus and transform one school in the north and next one in the south into technical vocational schools for secondary students who are academically failing to attend. Thirdly I would give the entire island a complete clean-up by making a specific day a holiday for every single person on island to clean. The vagrants will be sent to a large abandoned building but refurbished and I would charge any one caught littering. Fourth thing is I’m putting shower stalls with toilets on all public beaches that are heavily used but a charge of $2 to be paid to use the facilities. Lastly I’m going to update some laws in the Constitution.

So many, I believe the bulk of it would be changing the mind-set approach of the population. Develop pride in the people.

I would change the economy from a fix to a planned economy

VAT will be off, I’d fixed the hospitals and roads.

Nothing Absolutely.
Nothing I would literally sit and do nothing.
The government meddles with the country far too much. The country is already at its worse.
The best thing the government could do for us right now is to set itself on autopilot and not do anything else.
After the first few days nothing will be done from me…

Fire the entire cabinet

If I became the prime minister, I’d tackle five major issues immediately: 1. The death penalty would be put into strong effect as the rate of serious crime here is uncontrollable and ridiculous. The criminals are having a field day and they feel comfortable carrying out their crimes knowing that the worse they can get is some time in Bordelais where they get to eat, drink, sleep, exercise, get medical attention etc all for free and at the cost of law abiding citizens like myself. 2. I would take a leaf out of the British system and implement a National Health system where medical interaction for citizens, including trips to the doctor’s office is free, certain medications are free, medicines for pregnant women are free as well and with a medical card, the elderly get their medication free as well. 3. I would implement national education like the Brits all schooling including community college, books etc are free. Parents should never have to choose between their next meal or their child’s education. 4. I would build a bigger, fully equipped and adequately staffed mental facility where the mentally ill receive the proper treatment that they need for the proper length of time that is required for them to get that help so gone will be the days when potentially dangerous individuals are taken away for three days and released to continue on their dangerous path. I’d also open a rehabilitation facility for the drug and alcohol addicts to get their lives together and get a second chance to have a life. 5. I would implement serious alcohol controls because alcohol abuse is criminal here. There would be stricter licensing laws and impose stricter laws for vendors to abide by including limiting consumer intake and making it illegal for vendors to sell to intoxicated individuals.

In all, there are many changes that I would make including the decriminalising of marijuana to lessen the numbers of incarcerated persons and to increase national income from tourism etc.

But I would start with the most important which is in fact the basics

Have a court day and night, get rid of the crooked cops and public servants.

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  1. If I were in charge of the country I would do the following:

    1. Overhaul the current judicial system – justice delayed is justice denied
    2. Put procedures in place for law enforcement transparency – no one should be above the law of the land.
    3. Overhaul the current transportation system – have set schedules for buses to leave a bus stop so passengers can accurately plan their time. Everyone’s time is valuable. The biggest and most effective change would be educating bus owners that they do not have to cram their buses full of passengers before they can leave the bus stop, which in turn would discourage drivers from speeding to fill their bus with as many passengers as possible to make more money, which causes it to become a vicious cycle. The drivers must understand that while they look at their passengers as money in their pockets, those same passengers have brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and children – their lives are precious and they should expect to be driven safely from point A to point B, and not by Speedy Gonzalez. The goal is to get to their destination in one piece.
    4. Enforce the speed limits on the road – for everyone – so that the roads are safer for all
    5. Retrain the majority of bus drivers on how to drive safely, and on the rules of the road. Some of them drive like they got their licenses from a cracker jack box.
    6. Embrace technology – disperse with writing everything by hand and learn to use technology that will make work easier and quicker and life more enjoyable. The upside – no more long lines. Yay!!
    7. Revisit current import prices and profit margins of goods – reduce prices on staples
    8. Develop training programs in partnership with local vendors for the chronically unemployed to reduce pan handling, poverty, petty crime, and hopelessness.
    9. Diversify – tourism should not be the major arena to make money.
    10. Make affordable housing a priority
    11. Make affordable higher education a priority for every student
    12. More effectively tackle the huge drug problem on the island by intervening at an earlier stage, such as drug education in schools.
    13. Collaborate and network more effectively with other governments to obtain tools such as breath analyzers, fingerprint kits, etc

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