National Juniors Dominate ‘Back To School’

NATIONAL junior cyclists Andrew Norbert, Kluivert Mitchel, Romeous Noel and Dave Charley were in the thick of things at the annual Excellers Cycling Back To School Cycling Classic on Sunday in the La Clery community.

The quartet who recently represented St.Lucia at the Caribbean Junior Championship in the Dominica Republic was again in fine form on the local circuit as they let little or no room to chance against their opponents.

In race No. 1over 7 laps Open Mountain Bikes saw Jocelin Smith won in a time of 20 minutes 31.95 seconds, second was Nicholas Leon in a time of 21min 06.34 seconds, 3rd Lucius Esnard in 21 minutes 50.93 seconds, while 4th place went to Que Anthony in a time of 22 minutes 19.12 seconds. Under – 15 cyclist Ken Eugene, the only novice in that category was first across the finish line in a time of 18 minutes 30.58 seconds.

Race No. 2 over 15 laps for the 15 – 16 age category Kluivert Mitchel won in a time of 33 minutes 36.81 seconds, second was Donald Joseph in a time of 34 minutes 38.88 seconds, third SherkelAubert in 35 minutes 07.13 seconds and fourth Janick Paul in 36 minutes 22.01seconds.

In the 20 laps race for 17 to 18 year olds Racers, Andrew Norbert was first across the line in a time of 36 minutes 44.47 seconds. Second was Romeous Noel in a time of 40 min 02.53 seconds, third Dave Charlery in a time of 40 minutes 47.02 seconds and 4th Calixte Williams in 40 min 47.56 seconds.

The final event on the day, 20 laps for 19 and over racers saw Antonius Jn Baptiste first across the line in a time of 38 minutes 18.17 seconds. Second wasDesirMoncherry in 43 minutes 43.06 seconds and third Elvis Joseph.

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