Cyclists Fail In DR

THE St. Lucia Team had a tough time at the Junior Caribbean Cycling Championships held over the weekend in the Dominican Republic.

According to the St. Lucia Cycling Association President and coach of the team Cyril Mangal in the 10 kilometre Juvenile Individual Time Trial for 15 – 16 years old Kluivert Mitchel placed 17th in a time of 16 minutes 48.46 seconds and Jesse Mentor 18th in a time of 17 minutes 04.18 seconds.

The event was won by Tyler Cole of Trinidad and Tobago in a time of 13 minutes 55.53 seconds.

A total of 19 riders participated in the 10km Time Trial.

In the 20km Time Trial for juniors 17 to 18 years old, St. Lucia’s Romeous Noel placed 15th in a time of 34 minutes 34.52 seconds. A total of 15 riders participated in the event that was won by Luis David Rivera of Puerto Rico in a time of 28 minutes 03.65 seconds.

Mentor and Mitchel also participated in the 65km Road Race for juveniles, and completed the event within 2 hours 5 minutes. The winner of the event was Tyler Cole in a time of 1 hour 50 minutes 7 seconds

Noel, Andrew Norbert and Dave Charlery participated in the 97.5km Road Race. Mangal said,Charlery and Noel did not finish. Norbert finished his result was not recorded as the organizers opened the road after most riders came in as the permit for road closure had expired and the championship was decided already.

The winner was Michael Quinones of Dominican Republic in 2 hours 42 minutes 12 seconds.

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