‘Digicel Eye’ Launched


DIGICEL Business this week revealed details of its latest business solutions product, Digicel Eye, which sees customers across the region benefitting from always-on surveillance accessible from any mobile device and delivering peace of mind for their businesses.

Digicel Eye makes it easier for customers to keep track of their business operations without the hassle of expensive hardware installation and maintenance as it comes with round the clock customer support as well as offsite storage which eliminates the possibility of damage in the event of a natural disaster, physical damage or theft of the system.

Digicel Eye uses the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform eliminating the need for on-premises servers and storage, thus greatly reducing traditional hardware costs and installation time. And, coupled with high definition video surveillance equipment, the service allows customers to be able to access footage 24 hours a day via their tablet, laptop and mobile phone.

Digicel Business CEO, Paul Osborne, said: “Digicel Eye helps customers secure their businesses so that they can take quick steps in the event of a disaster. The service offers a number of features which deliver peace of mind for business owners as they can be sure that their operations are running safely and as planned; one such feature is the real time high definition video surveillance which can be accessed from multiple platforms anywhere in the world and allows them to tag, share and export clips.

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