Gobat Apologizes To Police

ADAM Gobat has apologized unreservedly to the Royal St Lucia Police Force for statements made by his parents Theo and Helen, about alleged corruption involving members of the Force in the investigation into their son’s murder here nine months ago.

Photo of Attorney Peter Foster reads a statement on behalf of the Gobat family. Seated with him are Helen and Theo Gobat. [Photo: Stan Bishop]
Attorney Peter Foster reads a statement on behalf of the Gobat family. Seated with him are Helen and Theo Gobat. [Photo: Stan Bishop]

Police Commissioner Vernon Francois’ office Friday issued the text of a statement made by Adam Gobat. It came in the wake of a call by Francois for the Gobats to substantiate claims of police corruption or apologize to the Police Force.

Francois had also threatened to end contact with the Gobat family in the on going investigation into the death of Oliver Gobat.

Adam Gobat’s statement yesterday said:

“On behalf of the Gobat Family, I would like to offer a full and unreserved apology to the Royal St Lucia Police Force, to the Commissioner and officers working this case, for the comments made in the recent article in the Daily Mail Online. Up to this point we have been working well with the RSLPF and we have every confidence that the officers involved in the investigation will solve this dreadful crime.

“The grief of a parent over a murdered child is something I would not wish on anyone and certainly my parents are struggling to make sense of the rest of their own lives as a result. I believe these comments which should not have been made combined with journalism seeking a sensational angle. We the family greatly appreciate the services to date of the RSLPF and will do all we can to restore their confidence to us”

See Editorial  written before the Gobat statement reached THE VOICE


  1. Apology my foot; the damage has already been done. It’s like a man sucker punching you, and then saying he’s sorry.
    These people should be kicked out of St.Lucia.

  2. In some instances an apology is meaningless – this is one of those instances.

    Say what you mean and mean what you say. But … think before you speak.

  3. Are the Gobats wrong because they lied or are they wrong because they did not gather proof?

    Does a Commissioner of Police have the right to unilaterally “end contact with the Gobat family” in a murder case in which they may have information that could help to resolve the case?

    What about the supposed comments by the Prime Minister? Did he or did he not make the statements?

    Clueless and ignorant St. Lucians on social media instead of looking at this objectively simply go on their rants attacking a clearly distraught family talking about a Police Force that has been under suspicion for decades for corruption including drug dealing. And of course since they are white they have even more reason to go on a rampage against them.

    These St. Lucians are part and parcel of a society that is vulgar and declining as a moral society with each passing day. The highest out of wedlock birth rate in the world. The highest level of marijuana usage in the Caribbean and one of the highest in the world. We read constantly of the degrading levels to which we have reached.

    So instead of recognizing that we have a problem which this murder has highlighted our low information immoral bloggers just look for an excuse to attack someone else instead of examining this horrendeous situation properly.

    And this just not go for the Gobats but the over 500 murders in the past 15 years that are unsolved plus the endless other crimes making this country so unsafe. The Canadian murdered on the Vigie Beach, the guy on his boat, the lady in Marisule. Just yesterday we had a guy shot and killed in his car.
    Our country is so decadant and immoral and we look for any excuse to point fingers without recognizing what a Sodom and Gamorrah we have become.


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