V-Fort Senior Citizens Get A Culinary Treat

Some of the Senior citizens who attended
Some of the Senior citizens who attended

COCONUT Bay Executive Chef, Veejooruth Purmessur, popularly known as Chef P kept true to the Coconut Bay tradition of giving back and upholding good corporate ethics.

Last week, Chef P and seven members of the Coconut Bay culinary team treated over 50 patrons of Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home in Black Bay, Vieux Fort to an elaborate buffet of prepared meals. The food was prepared and served as part a special treat compliments Chef P.

Chef P along with his team undertook this treat as a gesture of giving back to the community, upholding the spirit of Christmas and honouring our senior citizens. Chef P has expressed his willingness to continue this gesture periodically into the foreseeable future.

Managress of the institution, Ms. Gertrude Gustave expressed profound appreciation for the gesture by Chef P and the culinary team of Coconut Bay. She said: “We continue to enjoy the privilege of knowing that the folks at Coconut Bay care; it’s a relationship we value.”

Coconut Bay is proud of this noble gesture by Chef with the support of his staff and will continue to facilitate and support similar efforts in the future.

Chef P took up the post of Executive Chef at Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa mid 2013. He has 25 years experience as a chef and has won numerous accolades as a world-class chef. He was recently selected as one of the finest of the Caribbean among five other contemporaries to serve up specialties to international celebrities at the prestigious RESERVEDnyc event in the Big Apple on August 7.

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  1. The spirit of harmony lives on. One vital extension , perhaps with assistance from ministry of health, should be Nutrition classes / cook /sanitary /storing foods workshops. This would be an exemplary component to adult/senior ed in this community.
    How about Tai-chi on the beach and or square for seniors.
    Its always fun to watch the senior Chinese residents of china town executing the martial arts inspired slow deliberate exercises in the quiet early of the day .
    Hooray to Chef P

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