Plain View Student Top Colgate Speller

THE finals of the Colgate National Spelling Bee Competition was held Wednesday at the conference room of the National Mental Wellness Centre.

The competition was hailed a tremendous success by Dr. Sherry Ephraim Le Compte, Senior Dental Surgeon in the Ministry of Health.

Emerging from the run-offs were eight primary schools namely: Dame PearletteLouisy , Vide Bouteille , Ave Maria, Anse la Raye, Micoud, Plain View Combined, Saltibus Combined and Fond St. Jacques.

The competition was quite stiff with all schools performing admirably. The decider came late in the fourth round of the nearly two hour long competition.

In third place was Joel Leon of Micoud Combined, second place went to Vronyki Roberts of Salitbus Combined and the winner of the Colgate National Dental Spelling Bee Competition 2014 went to Erica Moonie of Plain View Combined.

This is the fourth consecutive year of the Colgate National Spelling Bee Competition.

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