Police to Reward Persons Submitting Information on Crime

Persons offering valuable and relevant information that can likely lead to an arrest or provide leads to ongoing or past investigations are in line to receive adequate reward from the police.

At a press briefing Monday, Police Commissioner Crusita Pelius-Descartes reported that law enforcement officers are now offering compensation for information on crime.

Noting that the identity of persons would not be revealed, the commissioner urged citizens to anonymously contact the Crime Hotline 555 with tips that would assist in the recovery of firearms and prosecution of offenders for firearm-related offences.

“When you give the information you will be given a code and you can determine whether it’s a priest …and  whether it’s somebody involved in citizen security like Dr. King (that)  could give you your compensation – not necessarily the police,” Descartes-Pelius explained.

The top cop said, “We are not involved in giving you the compensation”, adding that, the individual’s identity would be unknown and they would decide how to collect compensation.

Descartes-Pelius said the police want the information to assist them in fighting crime and explained that the amount of the compensation would depend on the information received.

“We are determined to take our country back from the criminals. We are determined to do everything in our power lawfully,” the police commissioner told reporters.

“I can guarantee that our officers are competent to do that,” Descartes-Pelius asserted.

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