Delegation from EU and World Bank visits Work Projects at Piaye and Anse la Raye


A delegation from the European Union (UN) and the World Bank (WB) were on island recently, to assess some work projects being undertaken through the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP).

According to a spokesperson, reconstruction of the Piaye Bridge is one of the major activities under the DVRP. The DVRP is a World Bank-funded initiative aimed at reducing Saint Lucia’s vulnerability to climate change and extreme weather hazards and natural disasters.

Rehabilitation of the bridge is facilitated with the aid of its European Union (EU) funding envelope.

On February 28, delegates from the EU and the World Bank Group paid a visit to the construction site, as part of a week-long trip to Saint Lucia for the organisations.

The two organisations collaborated with the government of Saint Lucia on another major infrastructural activity under the DVRP, namely, the Venus/Anse la Raye road rehabilitation project.

Historically the bridge has been vulnerable to the effects of major storms. Significant damage to the bridge caused by flooding occurred during the 1994 Tropical Storm Debbie and the 2013 Christmas Eve Trough. The construct will be that of a composite bridge, which entails a steel frame with a concrete deck.

The bridge will include a 25-metre-long double lane structure with a sidewalk designed to accommodate an extreme flood event of similar magnitude to the 2013 Christmas Eve Trough that washed away the old Bridge at Piaye. The Piaye Bridge will also be 1.6 metres higher than the original bridge to provide greater protection from rising water levels.

The services of Argentinian company AC & A were procured for the purpose of project management. The company specialises in design and implementation of integrated transport systems.

O.B. Sadoo Engineering performs the role of contractor on the Piaye Bridge construction.

In addition, the EU and WB Group delegation also visited the Venus/Anse la Raye Road Project site.

Rehabilitation of the Venus/ Anse la Raye Road is one of the activities coordinated under DVRP. Two storms, namely; Hurricane Tomas in 2010 and the 2013 Christmas Eve Trough caused severe damage to the road.

On February 27, the visiting delegation paid a visit to the construction site. The entire project is a USD 4.6 million-dollar investment funded by the DVRP through its EU funding envelope.

A DVRP official stated that, for years the 12km road provided an alternative route between the communities of Millet and Anse la Raye. However, the damages negatively impacted the farming community which relied on the link as an efficient path to transport their produce.

Rehabilitation activities include road construction, pavement reconstruction and the incorporation of resiliency features such as adequately sized drains and slope stabilisation along the roadway. These features will help to ensure that the reconstructed roadway is durable and can best withstand natural hazards.

Designs for the rehabilitated road were informed by hydrological and hydraulic assessments as well as geotechnical assessments and are in accordance with international standards.

The project will provide relief for motorists and will lead to the expansion of opportunities for the communities in housing, agriculture, tourism and business.

The Contractor for the project is Construction and Industrial Equipment (CIE) Ltd; while TEAMS INC. is the Engineer contracted for the project.

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