$5000 Fine for Being in Possession of Sea Turtle Meat or Eggs

The public is advised that sea turtles routinely nest and hatch on the Beaches of Saint Lucia from March to November annually. Members of the public are reminded that in accordance with the Regulation 33(1) (b) of the Fisheries Act, Cap 7.15 of the revised Laws of Saint Lucia, it is an offense to interfere with any nesting sea turtle or their eggs.

In an effort to ensure the survival of the sea turtle population, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1.        Stay away from nesting sea turtles;

2.        Avoid driving on sea turtle nesting beaches;

3.        Avoid using lights when a nesting sea turtles is observed;

4.        Avoid handling sea turtle hatchlings (baby sea turtles);

5.        Do not take, handle or touch sea turtle eggs;

6.        Keep all pets, large items, ropes, nets and garbage off the beach;

Anyone caught interfering with nesting sea turtles and their nests or are in possession of sea turtle meat or eggs is liable to a maximum fine of EC$5000.00 per offence.

The public is encouraged to report all sea turtle nesting activity by contacting the Department of Fisheries at 468 4135, 468 4141 or 725 1722 or the nearest police station

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