Activities for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the Bureau of Health Education within the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs will be organizing a series of activities aimed at raising awareness on breast health and encouraging the adoption of healthy habits to prevent breast cancer.

Health Educator in the Bureau of Health Education Nadiege Smith-Lambert spoke on the need to ensure information on breast health is provided and to encourage healthy behaviors such as screening and physical activity.

“For the 2022 observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Ministry of Health has decided to focus on ensuring that women are knowledgeable of breast screening services within their communities and taking advantage of those services. The Bureau of Health Education has also decided to continue placing special focus on young ladies from their adolescent years into their productive years, aged 12-40, engaging them at schools, workplaces and wellness centres.”

Smith-Lambert says it is necessary that the focus of raising awareness on breast cancer prevention be tied in with the physical activity component.

“The theme for this year’s observance is “Saint Lucia MOVES, MOVE to fight Breast Cancer” with the acronym for MOVE being:

M- Mobilise schools, families, workplaces and communities

O- Offer and access screening services within our communities

V- Varied age appropriate physical activity

E- Educate on breast health and healthy eating habits

This theme was chosen in light of the recently launched Saint Lucia Moves Campaign which encourages physical activity within schools, workplaces and communities.”

The Health Educator also spoke on the upcoming breast cancer awareness activities and encouraged Saint Lucians to participate.

“The Activities for this year includes:

Pink Fridays

Work places and communities are invited to dress in pink or decorate work stations or the main entrance in pink with a message to generate visibility and demonstrate their championing of the cause of breast cancer prevention.

Community members are invited to access screening services at the various Wellness Centres around the island

Hosting of Breast health education seminars and screening activities throughout the month of October at workplaces.

Engaging secondary school young ladies on Breast Health”

Saint Lucians are also encouraged to get breast screening done at the various wellness centres during the month of October.

The Bureau of Health Education also calls for the celebration of breast cancer survivors and warriors.

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