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Family of Valerie Albert Fevrier Files Claim Against Local Surgeon

Valerie Albert-Fevrier
Valerie Albert-Fevrier

One year since the passing of veteran media manager, broadcaster and journalist Valerie Albert Fevrier- the family of the deceased is seeking legal action against a medical professional.

According to reports, Albert- Fevrier’s husband and son have announced formal notice of a claim against a local surgeon involved in her medical treatment.

On Wednesday, the family released a public statement on the matter.

The founding Director of Helen Television System (HTS), Valerie Albert Fevrier or ‘Miss Albert’ as she was affectionately known succumbed overseas after local medical interventions here proved inadequate.

On the date marking her passing and in honour of her memory, family members spoke out about their determination to hold members of the medical profession accountable for her demise.

“We wish to announce today that we have served formal notice of a claim against a local surgeon who was involved in the medical treatment of my wife,” declared Linford Fevrier, husband of the deceased.

He added, “We believe that his actions- or lack thereof – resulted in her death. We believe that the standard of medical care practiced by him in her treatment fell far below the minimal acceptable standards, even for a small third world country like St. Lucia.”

Fevrier, a founding partner at HTS said, while their actions will not bring her back “but in keeping with statements we made a year ago, we believe that medical professionals need to be held accountable when they fall short.”

He noted, “We believe some of these doctors need to be re-certified and renew the Hippocratic Oath. There are too many cases which go unreported and unchallenged.

“If anything, we hope that this case will go a long way in holding medical professionals more accountable.”

Fevrier added, “As part of the process, we are also lodging a formal complaint with the Medical Council.”


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