Island Tribe Carnival Band Partners with Entertainer Cooyah Fyah for Carnival 2022

Cooyah Fyah with one of Island Tribe models.
Cooyah Fyah with one of Island Tribe models.

Island Tribe and Cooyah Fyah have joined forces for Carnival 2022. The carnival band and the local musician and social media influencer Wednesday signed an agreement which sees Cooyah joining the band as its Carnival Promotional Representative.

“We are immensely proud to be partnering with Cooyah for St Lucia Carnival 2022. Cooyah is homegrown talent who has carved out a huge following through his music and social media activities. His presence will further strengthen our efforts to stay engaged with our supporters and revelers,” said Island Tribe band leader, Jason Hullingseed.

In addition to his role, Cooyah whose real name is Kendal Polius, will also lead the section Opulence. The entertainer expressed his excitement about working with Island Tribe this carnival season.

“I am very happy for this opportunity to work with Island Tribe – a new and emerging grassroots band that has shown tremendous commitment to the development of the carnival product in St Lucia. Judging by the energy of the team and the plans underway, I am confident that together we can take St Lucia Carnival to a new level,” Cooyah said.

As St Lucia Carnival kicks into high gear, Island Tribe Carnival band is taking to Vigie Beach this and every Sunday until July 3, 2022, for its premiere carnival experience dubbed Bakkanal Beach.

Bakkanal Beach is a free event and will feature some of the island’s top entertainers and DJ’s. Island Tribe models will be on display and revelers will get a chance to register to play mas with one of the island’s premiere carnival bands.

There will also be lots of food and drinks on sale.

After two years in carnival hibernation, Island Tribe is bringing the excitement back to St Lucia carnival.

Island Tribe is a youthful and innovative organization which is deeply committed to developing partnerships that lead to advancing Saint Lucia’s number one cultural showcase “Carnival”.

Islandtribe, represents a unification of entertainment industry personnel made up of young professionals and dynamic talents who collaborate to create the most astounding and extraordinary experiences.

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