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Are You Following The Money?

“If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.” Satoshi Nakamoto

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I am so excited about the financial news that have been reaching my desk in the past few weeks that I spoke with my son Chef Edward Harris based in Atlanta, Georgia about what is going on. He said, dad bring it on. I immediately forwarded the latest information that I had at hand. However, I am concerned that we are not hearing it from the sources that we rely on to make financial decisions. I believe that too many persons who get wind of investment opportunities are afraid to share them because if anything goes wrong with the investment, that they will be blamed for bad advice. To prevent this type of situation, we must begin to share some information about risk taking.

While we are sitting on the fence and trying to understand what is going on and arriving at our own conclusions as to what is Ponzi Scheme and what is Pyramid Scheme, and searching out the various scams, fortunes are being made. Many of us have decided not to listen to anything that has to do with investments. How do we plan to cushion these harsh economic times? We need to change our mind set urgently. The financial paradigm has shifted. Time is not on our side. Inflation is eating up what little savings some of us have been able to put aside.

Do you know that even with the downward slide of BITCOIN, the first Cryptocurrency is very much ahead of the game? Bitcoin was introduced to the market in 2009 at under a $1.00, those who invested then and even when the coin got up to $10.00 by July of 2010, can cash in today at over $30,000 per coin. This is insane profit and it is only possible because of no other fact than they got in early. Those investors who got in early are smiling all the way to bank, even today. The truth is that something huge is about to happen in the crypto space. It has become too entrenched as a currency to fail. Stay tuned.

The movers and shakers in the crypto market are not saying anything. There is always calm before the storm. The influencers in the Crypto space have gone underground, they have lost their voices, except for a few, among them is the gentleman that I am listening to and learning from. This gentleman is the go to influencer in the Crypto space. He worked on Wall Street, later he owned a Hedge Fund, and currently involved in Investment Consulting & Research.

A lot is happening in the investment world. Who are you listening to? What is your source of information? Where is the research pointing to? Investment information is as fluid as Breaking News. There are over 18,000 Crypto Currencies in existence as of March of 2022 (Investopedia). These currencies are exploding. However, there is enough evidence to guide us. I will stay with the top five coins and look for emerging opportunities to jump in on the ground floor. Watch out for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are linked to Cryptocurrencies.

Do not give up on stocks. This is the time to position yourself to reap the rewards of the Great Disruption, when key players in Big Energy, Electric Vehicles and Banking will emerge. Find out who has the facts and get ready to make timely investments that will produce insane profits. Generation wealth will be possible in the shortest possible time.

There is no security against inflation in ordinary savings. The mindset of those of us who wish to stay ahead of the current inflationary trends must change from Saving to Investing. It is my sincere hope that my readers will take action and get in front of the wave. There is never a more opportune time to start an Investment Club in your community that now.

The month of June is with us and many newlyweds will embark on a life time journey which necessitates building a financially sound future. It is my hope that in some small way, I have contributed to opening your minds to the financial opportunities that await you.

Let us be grateful for life, and cherish it. Take every precaution against COVID 19 and stay safe. Blessings!

Edward Harris
Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eaharrisdestiny
Email: eaharrisdestiny@gmail.com
Website: https://stluciagreatpropertydeals.com

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