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Babonneau Man Charged for Possession of Firearm and Ammunition Gets Bail

Officers attached to the Gros Islet Criminal Investigations Department and General Duties, on Monday, May 08, 2022, arrested thirty-eight (38) year old Marvin Elidore of La Croix, Babonneau.

Elidore was on the same day caught with one (1) Colt special revolver and six (6) .38 rounds of ammunition on his person. The La Croix resident was eventually charged with the unlawful Possession of Firearm and Ammunition. He was subsequently escorted to the First District Court, where he was granted bail on the charge of possession of firearm in the sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) cash, land documents or suitable surety and on the charge of possession of ammunition, he was also granted bail in the sum of one thousand dollars.

As part of his bail conditions must adhere to certain travel restrictions and reporting conditions.

The matter was adjourned to June 9, 2022 for case management.

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  1. This is making mockery of the system; this man should be held locked up till the day of his Court case. An example should be made, and it should be tough enough to send a strong message to other miscreants. I find that the Law has been too soft, too lenient in these cases; too many gun shots, too many people being hurt and too many Firearms in such a small Island. I don’t think all of this was for self defense.

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