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Nurse Grandison Calls on Saint Lucians to take better Care of their body

In observance of World Kidney Day on March 10th the Ministry of Health has been working towards sensitizing citizens about the importance of kidneys to overall health.

The Bureau of Health Education within the Ministry of Health recently held a series of educational sessions and screening activities in various communities aimed at bringing awareness of kidney health.

Family Life Educator in the Bureau of Health Education Nurse Naomie Grandison

Family Life Educator in the Bureau of Health Education Naomie Grandison spoke on the screening activity held at the Vanard Wellness Centre.

“We felt it was necessary, especially considering we have a significant problem with kidney disease in Saint Lucia and so many people are also on the waiting list for dialysis. So before we get persons to that point we wanted to check on themselves. So, we offered kidney urine test. We also did blood pressure testing. We did blood sugar test. We check persons body mass index and the Nurse Practitioner was also there to do some health consultation.”

Grandison also called on Saint Lucians to take care of their body and reduce the impact of kidney disease.

“Not because someone has kidney disease that they would be required to get dialysis and in the early stages of kidney disease, a lot of it is just management and ensure you go to your doctor and follow-up so that they can help to prevent the progress of the kidney getting worse. Some people think that as soon as they hear their kidney have a problem that they going to tell hem get dialysis but I am telling the persons please go to your doctor, get your treatment and and don’t be afraid of being told you need dialysis. Take care of your kidneys, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink enough pure water so it can help your body.”

The activity also provided individuals with the opportunity to get some tips on the use of herbs from Priest Kailash.

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