Government EAP Turned Six Thursday

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), a work-based intervention program designed to enhance the professional attitude of government employees is celebrating six years of success. The EAP continues to offer excellent service delivery of individual therapy, debriefing sessions and other workplace interventions to public officers and government departments. Under the EAP, public officers and their immediate family members are the recipients of six free counselling sessions.

According to the Acting Manager of the Employee Assistance Programme, Mrs. Sacha Jn. Pierre –James, “The number of clients who utilize the EAP continues to surpass the expectations of the Department of the Public Service, the agency responsible for overseeing the programme.  Our clientele describe the service as, “very effective, life-changing, immensely beneficial, very professional and confidential and a great initiative”.

The EAP in Saint Lucia has been  recognized regionally and was featured in the Caribbean Leadership Project (CLP) Magazine entitled, “Celebrating the Caribbean Leadership Project 2011-2018” as a “Bright Spot in the Caribbean”. A Bright Spot is an establishment which has been identified by the Caribbean Leadership Programme as an organization which exemplifies excellence in leadership in the creation of innovative and client-centered service.

Moreover, the EAP was invited to facilitate consultations with the Government of St Vincent on the awareness and acceptance of the EAP.  EAP Saint Lucia also hosted the Belize EAP coordinator in 2019. EAP provides assistance to individuals who are experiencing professional and personal problems which adversely affect their quality of life and job performance.

The EAP Unit can be contacted at 468 2269/468 2260 & 2856252.

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