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Many are called but few are chosen!

Of late, we’ve created a new class of citizens: those who get privileges because they are taking the vaccine. They are given priority worldwide and they are offered privileges not offered to non-vaccinated people.

The message is clear: you toe the line, or you become marginalized.

I happen to have visited what I thought was a poor community over the weekend but got a wakeup call. What I saw amazed me: the people who lived there were simple, basic survivors, none sophisticated, but what stunned me and amazed me is that every other house looked like a mansion and from my inquiry, most were not built from borrowed money but from sacrifice.

This had me thinking that almost everybody had a backyard garden, did their own fishing, owned a few animals, seldom ate in fancy restaurants or traveled on a regular basis, or spent their money clubbing or on fancy and expensive vehicles. The salary or money they earned may have been small, but because they lived a simple lifestyle and saved almost all they had and ate what they grew, as well as helped each other to build through family support and community love, most lived and still live comfortable and successful and fulfilling lives.

The moral of my comment is if you are restricted and not privileged because you chose not to be vaccinated, turn your circumstances into future success. The less you spend the more you will have, the less you socialize the more you will save and the less you live this so-called privilege lifestyle, the more time you have to put your time into progressive adventures.

The glit and the glamor sure bounces one’s ego, but most of the thrills come at a cost, plenty is wasted on show off behaviour and in most cases you owe the banks an arm and a leg; and even after death you leave debt, rather than success.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, blessings come in many ways and abstention is not a death sentence. We all have choices and if your choice is not to become a member of that privileged class, see the good rather than the segregation that you have to endure.

Life has several turns and abstention is not a sin nor a death sentence, so let your heart be your guide and don’t be persuaded by world trends, because, who knows, you just may be one of the chosen few and yours may be the promised kingdom that biblical teachings have prophesied.

Slavery was thought to be inhuman, we got captured and our freedom was suppressed, we were subjected to cruelty, forced labour and even after emancipation were given nothing, yet we have inherited paradise, a land envied by the rest of the world.

Bad and cruelty can become rewarding if you keep an open mind. Remember, God created man and his laws reign supreme; Man maketh laws and can govern with an iron hand, but remember man’s Kingdoms do fall and with it systems of oppression, and the weak does conquer sometimes.

This is the uncertainty of life. Discrimination and dictatorship and domination over the weak is nothing but a moment in history. Despite all that Man tries to achieve the very planet he claims to conquer is slowly falling apart.

Greed is partly responsible for Global warming and the Earth’s destruction.  So, do not give-up hope. Hold firm to your faith. Remember: Many are called but few are chosen.

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