Keva Strives For Top Ranks

The SLFA Inc. continues to Highlight Women Development in Sport as it continues Its Build Up to International Women Football Day

Though currently in pursuit of a medical degree, Keva Joseph’s love for the ‘beautiful game’ cannot be disputed.

Keva Joseph
Keva Joseph

This 36-year old former nation player is the holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology; and is currently in pursuit of higher education to obtain a medical degree and a Master’s Degree.

Her playing days began in 1997,  from age 11, participating in the Central Castries parliamentary representative organized ‘Women football competitions’, in Castries.

“There were a series of small goals competitions played on the Castries CDC court.    These competitions were all 3-a-side and I played as a forward,” recalls Joseph.

She graduated from the Entrepot Secondary School, in 1998, and proudly boasts the distinction of being recognized as “the first and only female football player on the boys’ football team.   There too, I played as a forward or striker.”

Pushing ahead in an effort to fully develop her skills, Joseph added: “By 1998, I joined Athletico Female Football Club and later the Helenites Female Football Club.   With Helenites; I won the knock-out cup, 2nd  runner up in the Premier League , and 2nd  runner-up , in   ‘Champs of  Champs’ contest .”

Keva made her national debut, in 2006, representing St Lucia in the Women’s World Cup Qualifiers (WCQs), in Jamaica.

Later that year, she was awarded a soccer scholarship from Essex County College in Newark, NJ / USA. “There I played as a center forward for two (2) years, and during that time the school made it to the finals,” Joseph explained. “In 2011, I was awarded another scholarship to Bloomfield College in Bloomfield NJ and played at right-back for the year.”

Keva returned to St Lucia in 2012, and gained employment at the Victoria Hospital as a Pathologist assistant and Laboratory Technician.

Staying on track with her soccer ambitions, she then made the move into the area of coaching and football administration.

In the process, as well as developing her coaching skills, Joseph was able to successfully establish her own ‘soccer academy’ to cater for the development of young players.

She adds:  “I had the opportunity to gain a NSCAA Level 4 diploma coaching course in June 2013. In early 2014, I registered my company Total Soccer Academy.”

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