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Alex Bousquet’s Family Awaits Death Certificate

The family of deceased journalist Hildreth Alexander Bousquet, simply known as Alex, were still perplexed as to his cause of death when we went to press yesterday.

Alex Bousquet
Alex Bousquet

Bousquet’s sudden death last Sunday shocked many, particularly the local media fraternity, members of which immediately took to social media to express their sadness and disbelief.

Bousquet was a respected journalist in Saint Lucia, known not only for his unique style of reporting, but also for his hosting of the television segment known as ‘Street Vibes’ aired on Daher Broadcasting Service (DBS) nightly.

As of press time yesterday, there has been no confirmation as to the cause of death, according to family members.

In reference to a voice note circulating on social media stating the cause of death, Bousquet’s partner Cecilia Leon said, “We did not permit anybody to do anything.  It’s even worse because we don’t know. We are awaiting the post mortem to tell us exactly what went wrong with Alex.”

Bousquet, it has been revealed, was being treated for pneumonia at the Respiratory Hospital at the time of his death.

“I can’t explain it. I don’t know how I feel. When I spoke to Alex on Saturday evening, as far as I am concerned Alex was doing well, and to get a call Sunday afternoon to say that Alex passed at five past twelve was killing—it’s like a knife went through me. I just died,” Leon told reporters Monday.

Earl Bousquet, the deceased’s brother, yesterday told The VOICE that the family has not seen an official death certificate.

“As I speak to you, nobody in the family has seen a death certificate or the cause of death, but I have read five different causes of death on social media,” Earl, also a journalist, said in an interview.

“I have also heard a recording from somebody purporting to know what she’s saying, sounding like a very authoritative person (but) I can tell you that I don’t know who the person is. Nobody in the family has been able to tell me who that person is because the person did not identify themself,” he stated refer-ring to the voice note circulating on social media.

Bousquet described his brother as a gifted individual who according to him “was my mother’s most talented son.”

“His last profession of several which he was very good at was dabbling in journalism, but Alex, like the rest of the family, was a man of the sea. The other side of him that people don’t know is the comedic side – one I will always remember,” he recalled fondly.

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