NWU Shelves Ultimatum

THE National Workers Union has agreed to shelve an ultimatum it gave Secure St. Lucia last week.

The NWU change of heart came following the Managing Director of Secure St. Lucia Ltd. Mr. Gabriel Pierre’s meeting recently with the leadership of the NWU to discuss an outstanding industrial matter.

The conversation concluded with the following:

1. As requested by the workers a Joint General Meeting will be held on Wednesday August 25, 2021 at the Southern Office of the National Workers Union from 3:30 pm.

2. Both Management and Union officials will have an opportunity to dis-cuss industrial relations matters and operational issues affecting the workers.

3. The Union has agreed to shelve its 14 day industrial ultimatum to facili-tate the holding of this crucial meeting.

All workers located in the southern branch of Secure St. Lucia Ltd are expected to participate in this long awaited meeting.

Meanwhile, the National Workers Union is currently awaiting three recognition Certificates from the Department of Labour to cover Dennery Credit Union, the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization (ECCO) and Recyclen Solutions Ltd. These certificates would guarantee trade union representation for the em-ployees of the said companies.

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