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36th Centenarian Cyrillia Nervais Celebrates her 100th birthday

Cyrillia O’Brian, Aunty Lill, Ma Tomma, Sister O’Brian are some of the names this once full figured, lively strong black woman, is known by. Through years of confinement, Cyrillia now frail still epitomizes joy, unwavering faith in Christ Jesus and love for all.

36th Centenarian Cyrillia Nervais Celebrated her 100th birthday on July 16, 202

Cyrillia proudly states that according to her mother she was born on July 7, 1921. However due to the lateness in registering her birth her official birth date has been recorded as July 16, 1921. Cyrillia was born to Alcee Nervais and Gregona Nervais in La Cou Ville, Micoud. She was the second child and daughter of her parents.

Cyrillia has nine siblings, four (4) sisters and five (5) brothers. She and her last brother, Cornileus Nervais are the only surviving siblings. Cyrillia was raised by her maternal aunt Terazine and grandmother in Plannard/ Dugar, Micoud a place she stills resides today.

Cyrillia was educated up to the Standard 1 (Grade 3) level, an achievement she delights in as this had enabled her to read and write up until her eyesight began to fail. She is fluent in both Kweyol and English.

In 1946 Cyrillia gave birth to her son, her only child, Conrad Nervais. Cyrillia has outlived her son as he passed away in London in 2013. It was shortly after the death of her son that Cyrillia experienced a stroke which has had her confined to her bed.

Conrad is survived by his wife, a Son and a grandson.

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