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Hylyne CGL: World Food Day 2020

Hylyne CGL Ltd. has now been in operation for seventeen months as it celebrates World Food Day for the second time. While 2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges for the world’s population, Hylyne CGL and its parent company Caribbean Grains Ltd. remain steadfast in its objective to create and maintain local employment opportunities, food security and reduce Saint Lucia’s food import bill.

Innovative and creative ideas to generate sales for Hylyne CGL’s chicken have received widespread local support. Baskets of chicken parts bundled with free offers for more chicken, flour and recently launched marinated chicken have been hugely successful. As a result, Hylyne CGL can provide sustainable job security to its staff despite world unemployment rates ‘sky-rocketing’ in the past months.These initiatives have helped buffer the economic impact of the pandemic for those households with reduced income, it has encouraged partnerships to be formed with local companies to adapt to the ‘new normal’, as Quick Delivery has been added to their service. Hylyne CGL remains the only processor of Antibiotic free, Halaal and all-natural chicken in the OECS and the English-speaking Caribbean.

The COVID-19 pandemic has evidently weakened global supply lines, which reinforces the need for local production and manufacturing. Hylyne CGL has met and gone beyond to deliver on our local poultry requirements at competitive prices. In this regard, Caribbean Grains Ltd. has ensured local production of flour requirements and feed for livestock production. Hylyne CGL has partnered with Baron Foods to design and formulate seasoning to match a local taste profile when combined with its chicken. It is expected, that busy, working households will gravitate to the convenience of Hylyne CGL’s ready to cook marinated chicken when preparing healthy wholesome meals for their families.

For World Food Day 2020, let us show appreciation to the farmers, employees and other stakeholders who contribute to the high-quality premium products from Hylyne CGL Ltd. and Caribbean Grains Ltd that we have all grown accustomed to. The Management and Staff of Hylyne CGL Ltd. wishes Saint Lucia a Happy World Food Day 2020.

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