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Happy National Day 2020 ROC (Taiwan)

THE Embassy of Taiwan in collaboration with the Cultural Development Foundation held a lantern competition in recognition of the Republic of China’s (Taiwan) National Day.

National Day celebrations featured a “Best of the Best” lantern competition” amongst selected winners and facilitators of the annual Lantern Competition organized and produced by the CDF.

The theme for the competition was “2020 Proud of Taiwan and St. Lucia”

Pictured below, is one lantern created by lanterneer Joy Grant.

Happy National Day 2020 commonly called “Double Tenth Day,” amidst two dragons, one red the other green. In Taiwanese culture, dragons symbolize strength, prosperity, power, success and even successful harvests.

Featured also is the flag of Taiwan accompanied by St. Lucia’s flag. The clasped hands at the bottom expressing acceptance and heartfelt thanks from the people of St. Lucia for Taiwan’s generosity and good will.

Celebrating our cultures: St. Lucia’s Masquerade. The hand painted beautifully complicated, mesmerizing patterns of Taiwanese characters to reveal either a fierce warrior or a character for an opera performance. A local St. Lucian beauty heads a bunch of bananas topped by an exotic orchid courtesy of the Taiwan Orchid Project at Union.

This lantern was made from discarded cardboard which is the original custom for lantern builders in Saint Lucia.

Thank you again Taiwan for your contributions in Education, Agriculture and Medical Supplies including thousands of protective masks against Covid 19. In addition, to so much, much more.

Mesi! Thank You! Shie Shie (thank you in Taiwanese).

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