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Assessing the Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on OECS Business and Business Support Organisation

The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) through its Competitive Business Unit (CBU) is measuring the impact of the outbreak of the coronavirus, now referred to as COVID-19 pandemic on businesses and business support organisations (BSOs) in the OECS.

This is being done through short surveys that seek to identify and assess the consequences that enterprises are experiencing in various aspects of their business including sourcing their inputs, their production of goods and services, their sales and exports, trade logistics and the impact on their staffing and employment.

“With regards to Business Support Organisation, the survey seeks information on the impact of the operations and service delivery to their clients. The survey seeks to highlight the impacts as well as opportunities. The key objective to assess the needs of enterprises and Business Support Organisations. The OECS would like to get a sense of the types of support measures and initiatives that businesses and BSOs may need to alleviate the challenges that COVID 19 has unleashed,” noted a release from the OECS Secretariat.

The release noted that the survey will be part of the broader set of actions and steps that are being taken at the national and regional level by governments, agencies and business support organisations to assess and respond to the impacts of the Corona Virus.

The online survey is being sent to Business Support Organisations for distribution to their networks and directly to enterprises.

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