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Man Charged for Homicide in Canaries

20-year-old Christo Ethan Flermius of Floravilla, Canaries, was formally arrested and charged on Thursday, May 2nd, for causing the death of 24-year-old Kadeem Joseph, resident of Floravilla, Canaries. Kadeem Joseph was stabbed during an altercation with Christo Ethan Flermius on Monday, April 29th.

The incident occurred at approximately 6 p.m on Dix Street in Canaries. Kadeem was later pronounced dead on arrival at the Soufriere Hospital.

Christo Ethan Flermius was escorted to the First District Court and has been remanded until Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

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  1. These troubling pictures are happening just a little too often.
    None of this is doing any good to the image of this beautiful
    nation. Never in history have there ever been such a rush of
    visitors wanting to visit and to vacation in St.Lucia. But the
    incidence of these unfortunate actions need immediate attention.
    The churches have failed their calling, miserably. The law is a
    joke. Over and over, hanging has been called for, but if no hanging
    then why not the whipping of arses as well as the maximum. Something has to give.

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