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100 Women Who Care St Lucia celebrate 4th Anniversary

April 9th is a special day for an organization that has made a significant effort to help small charities and the disadvantaged people of St Lucia. On that day 100 Women Who Care St Lucia will celebrate their fourth anniversary. Since its first meeting in April 2015, the organization has raised nearly $150,000 for local charities. Many of the charities are small and the donation of $10,000 goes a long way to provide much-needed funds. Past recipients include the St Lucia Alzheimer’s & Dementia Society, Goodwill, Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai, the Cerebral Palsy Association, Amy’s Gift to St Lucia, Raise Your Voice, Grow Well, the St Lucia Blind Welfare Association, Sir John Compton Memorial Foundation, the Dunnottar School and many others.

According to patroness Berthia Parle, who has been supporting the organization from inception members meet every quarter for one hour during which time they nominate local charities. Three are randomly selected. Members vote and each donates $100 to the winning charity. Parle states she is proud of the work that the organization has done and the women who support it.

“It really is the easiest way for women to give back to the community and, especially today, there are so many in need and so many small charities doing such great work that are struggling to make ends meet,” she said.

Joan Sylvestre from Stepping Stones, last quarter’s winner, describes the donations as, “a Godsend.” She describes Stepping Stones as a small charity providing education, tutoring, counselling and meals to underprivileged children aged 8 -16. The organization receives no government subsidies and raises funds from family, friends and fundraisers such as bake sales. The donation from 100 Women Who Care will go a long way for the charity.

Co-Chairs, Valerie Jenkinson and Trudy Glasgow, invite other women to come forward to the next meeting. It will be held on April 9th at 6.30- 7.30pm at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort which has generously provided a home for the 100 Women since the very first meeting. Ms. Glasgow describes how, unfortunately, over 80 members have left St Lucia permanently.

This impacts the amount of money we can donate and the number of people we can help,” she said. “We need local women to step up and take the place of those who have left so we can continue to meet our goal of donating $10,000 every quarter.

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