OECS SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP 2018: 3rd Place And 70 Individuals Medals For Team Saint Lucia

Image of D’ Andre Blanchard

Saint Lucia’s Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) swim team returned home on Sunday 11th November 2018 from Antigua from what was considered to be a meet where swimmers were asked to dig extremely deep to bring home the coveted trophy.

With the likes of Katie Kyle, Devin Boodha, Ethan Dyke -Elliott and Terrel Monplaisir, Saint Lucia’s elite swimmers currently studying overseas, the combined 34 member team took home the third place trophy and in the process hauled in 70 individual and 9 relay medals.

Image: (L-R) High point winners for Saint Lucia at the 28th edition of the OECS Swim Championship ,Fayth Jeffrey and D’ Andre Blanchard (Photo: GC)
(L-R) High point winners for Saint Lucia at the 28th edition of the OECS Swim Championship ,Fayth Jeffrey and D’ Andre Blanchard (Photo: GC)

Despite not being victorious; nine team members were successful in re writing the OECS record book.

Tristan Dorville broke the 9-10, 400 Meter Freestyle, Antoine Destang 9-10, 50 Meter Butterfly and 100 Meter Individual Medley (IM), Karic Charles 9-10, 50 Meter Breaststroke, D’ Andre Blanchard 11-12, 50 Breaststroke, Jayhan Odlum Smith 15-17, 100 Meter Butterfly and 50 Backstroke, Runako Daniel 18 and over 50 Meter Butterfly and 10 and Under Relay Team (Antoine Destang, Therron Herelle, Karic Charles and Tristan Dorville.)

Twenty age groups records were broken by 7 swimmers: Fayth Jeffrey in the 8 and under 100 Meter IM, Tristan Dorville 9-10, 50 and 400 Meter Free and 50 Meter Back, Antoine Destang in the 9-10, 100 and 200 Meter Freestyle, 50 meter Butterfly and 100 Meter IM, Karic Charles 9-10, 50 Meter Breast, D’ Andre Blanchard 11-12, 50 and 100 Meter Free, 50 Meter Breast, 50 and 100  Meter Butterfly, Jayhan Odlum Smith in 15-17 50 Meter Back, 50 and 100 Meter Butterfly and Runako Daniel 18 and over 50 Meter Butterfly.

Three National Records were slashed by Jayhan Odlum Smith in the 400 Meter Freestyle and 100 Butterfly and Runako Daniel in the 50 Meter Fly.

Winning overall individual high point placement in the Girls 8 and Under Age group was Fayth Jeffery with 59 points, while Mila Festini Cromer placed 4th with 33 points.

In the boys’ category, 8 and under, James Sylvester tied for 7th place with 15 points, Noah Dorville 9th with 9.5 points and Thaeden Antoine 11th with 5 points.

In the 9-10 boys, Antoine Destang 1st with 58.50 points, Tristan Dorville 2nd with 58 points, Karic Charles 4th with 37 points, Therron Herelle 5th with 35.50 points.

Girls 9-10, Jasmine Steide 11th with 4 points.

Boys 11-12, D’Andre Blanchard, debutant at this year’s Carifta Swim Championship was Saint Lucia’s biggest point earner with 91 points, while Nathan Viger finished 10th with 6 points.

Girls 11 -12, Naekeisha Louis, 5th with 41.50 points, Caitlin Polius 8th with 19 points, Anya Hilaire 11th with 4 points.

Girls 13-14, Mikaili Charlemagne 3rd with 61 points, Shalini Joseph 8th with 20 points.

Boys 13-14, Allandre Cross 6th with 32 points, Ziv Reynolds 7th with 22 points, Jennot Walters 11th with 2 points.

Girls 15-17, Eden Crick 4th with 58 points, Mikaela Casimir 5th with 47 points, Abbie Pultie 9th with 8 points.

Boys 15-17, Jayhan Odlum Smith 2nd with 72 points, Cavaari Taylor 11th with 1 point.

Girls 18 and Over, Evelyn Day 6th with 32 points, Vanessa Eugene 7th with 31 points.

Boys 18 and Over, Runako Daniel 3rd with  60 points, Omar Alexander 5th with 38 points and Joshua Adjodha  9th with 14 points.

Final results – Grenada champions with a combined score of 1485 points, 51 gold, 42 silver, 38 bronze (131); Antigua placed 2nd with 1325 points, 35 gold, 45 silver, 27 bronze (107); Saint Lucia 3rd with 1167 points 30 gold, 23 silver, 26 bronze (79), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 4th with 955 points, 13 gold, 19 silver, 34 bronze (66); Saint Martin, 5th 1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze (6) and Sint Maarten, 6th 1 silver (1).

Saint Lucia Amateur Swimming Association, President Eddie Hazell said, “The team may be disappointed, but extremely proud for the efforts of the coaches, team management and most importantly the swimmers who continue to put in all the effort to dig deep”.

Hazell said, “The Federation will now go back to the drawing board and work on its plan for upcoming meets”.

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