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Saint Lucians Won’t Have to Travel to Renew U.S. Visa

An announcement that Saint Lucia has initially been selected as one of four countries to forgo a trip to Barbados for Visa renewals, has been received with much praise and appreciation.

The news was corroborated by the Prime Minister, Hon. Allen Chastenet’s Instagram page and reposted on the official Instagram page of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Image of Honorable Linda S. Taglialatela
Honorable Linda S. Taglialatela

The post reads “The United States Ambassador to Barbados And the Eastern Caribbean, The Honorable Linda Swartz Taglialatela announces that Saint Lucia has initially been selected as one of 4 countries where Saint Lucians whose US Visas have expired within the last 12 months, will not need to travel to Barbados to renew their Visas.”

Honorable Linda S. Taglialatela, a career member of the Senior Executive Service, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean on December 9, 2015.

The news come on the heels of a similar announcement which indicated that come September 10th 2018, qualified applicants of Saint Kitts and Nevis wishing to renew their U.S. visas would also enjoy interview visa waivers in Barbados.

According to a press release via the U.S. Embassy’s official website, the waivers “are part of the United States Government’s continuing efforts to improve customer service and streamline the visa process.”

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