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Prime Minister Chastanet and Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Arreaza helld cordial talks in Castries during the latter’s whirlwind Caribbean tour earlier this week. (Photo: MPPRE)

PRIME Minister Allen Chastanet met here earlier this week with the Minister of External Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, as part of a four-nation Caribbean island tour.

The meeting, held on Wednesday (June 25th), was described by the Venezuela side as having taken place “within the framework of the Venezuelan minister’s tour of the Caribbean, which seeks to strengthen and consolidate relations with countries of the region.”

According to a press release from the Venezuelan Embassy here, “During the meeting, the bilateral agenda was revised, with the purpose of strengthening and deepening cooperation ties in security matters and the fight against crime, including drug trafficking.”

The statement quoted the visiting minister as having said, “It was a straightforward meeting with a view to the future…

“We looked at the regional situation and the world situation and we are very grateful to Saint Lucia, to its people, and to Prime Minister Chastanet.”

He also said of his meeting with PM Chastanet, “We are going to continue working together.”

The statement also indicated that on Tuesday (June 26th) “Minister Arreaza travelled to Antigua and Barbuda to meet with Prime Minister Gaston Browne, also with the purpose of consolidating and deepening bi-national ties.”

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves also met with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Arrea on Wednesdayza, and expressed his solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic in this “challenging period.”

“Just had a long conversation with the distinguished foreign minister of Venezuela,” Gonsalves said on Wednesday (June 27), adding: “We covered a lot of bilateral and multilateral relations.”

The Vincentian leader continued, “As always Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is in strong solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its people, its government; and as we are in a challenging period globally, and in the hemisphere, we have to think strategically, we have to keep in solidarity with one another, to work out our problems.”

Arreaza’s whirlwind Caribbean tour came as Venezuela seeks to strengthen friendship and cooperation ties with its English-speaking Caribbean neighbours.
As part of the ‘Bolivarian Diplomacy for Peace for the Caribbean’ tour, Arreaza also met with Saint Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Timothy Harris ion Thursday (June 28) to strengthen ties with the Caribbean nation.


  1. This government is clueless and confuses people. Recently the government voted in support of the LIMA group and against the present government in Venezuela and now chastanet is strengthening ties with that country’s government. Be consistent man

  2. The Venezuela foreign Minister is sent on a tour of English speaking Countries,
    having met with various Prime Ministers having a word on various matters in respect
    to crime, Drug trafficking and why not, cheep Oil etc. I don’t see anything wrong with that.
    I am not confused one bit; why call the man clueless? what’s wrong with you guys. Man it’s
    not election time yet, so relax.When the day comes that he begin to screw up, I’ll be first to shout.

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