Tribute To Athletic Stalwart Hugh Breaustraal

WHEN the news broke on May 29, 2018 of the passing of Hugh Breaustraal affectionately known as ‘Bris’, it was received with mixed feeling.

Sadden, by the passing of a loyal stalwart but not surprised.

Former Saint Lucia Athletic Association President and now Saint Lucia Olympic Committee General Secretary Alfred Emmanuel said, “Despite his physical challenges, Breaustraal never found anything too difficult to do for the sport of athletics.”

In the hay day of the M&C Games he drove from Vieux Fort to Castries to serve as a Games official.

With the end of these Games Bris established the Abilene wild Cats track club and served as its coach until his passing.

It must be said that he also served as an executive member of the SLAA for many years finally bowing out of that position in 2014.

Emmanuel said, “Bris would make the trip to Castries whenever he was called upon, whether to attend an executive Board meeting or to be part of a delegation heading to seek sponsorship for the sport. At times he would be heading back home in the thick of night and never once complained.”

Breaustraal served as one of my most loyal lieutenant during my sting as the SLAA president and continued serving long after I said my good bye.

“When I last visited him in March, despite not feeling well and confined to bed, his mind was still very much on his beloved sport. We spent a while discussing the current status of our Association and how best we can get out of the current state of affairs we are in.” He noted.

He wanted to get well fast so he could have returned to participating in the activities of the sport.

That was not to be. Our Lord had better plans for him and he was called to the great beyond.

Emmanuel said, “Bris will always be remembered in our sport. He surely touched the lives of many youngsters over his long and distinguished career associated with athletics in one way or the other.”

Good bye my friend, may the angles await you at the gates of heaven.

May your rest in eternal peace while your memories live on.

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