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The Results of Unreasonable Expectations

EXPECTATIONS are known to bring about the best and the worst in human beings and — unfortunately — this phenomenon will forever exist. On the other hand, finding an amicable solution would undoubtedly be the best way forward.

There are individuals who remain committed to certain political parties, be it what it may, which is understandable, while others support their party while in opposition for personal reasons and therein lies the misunderstanding which angers those individuals to a point of hatred.

This scenario is experienced on both sides of the political divide and when these incidents occur, the various parties simply have to deal with the fallout. Generally, the animosity is derived from people not being appropriately recognized in one form or fashion but usually financial compensation tops the list.

Administrations assuming the role of government must remain prudent when disbursing the revenue of the State and the idea that individuals who have supported the party in opposition must automatically receive a cushy appointment at a fictitious monetary level should not be a definitive expectation regardless of the state of the nation’s finances. Individuals who support political parties should do so based upon the philosophy of the party and that political party deserves a timeframe in office to make good on that philosophy.

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In the case of Jeff Fedee, who was an ardent supporter of the current PM, he has demonstrated his misgivings within 17 months of the current administration’s term in office but has not taken the time to reflect on the burning issues he highlighted upon for 4 years on a weekly basis. Jeff has a great command of the English language but if one dissects the facts of his concerns he shall conclude that there is not much merit in his concerns as the time factor for creating the change required did not exist.

More importantly, has Jeff taken the time to sit down with any minister or permanent secretary within his field and make a meaningful contribution of what he could do to help the nation rise to a new level within his sphere of knowledge? This article will most likely not alter his concerns but maybe the article will trigger another side of his expectations, thereby encouraging him to think that moving from one political philosophy to another is not the best way forward. This article is written to excite the minds of other individuals who tend to make statements at random and write articles in their moment of discontentment.

By Political Observer


  1. P.O.
    You do make for a most excellent Latrine Police inspector!
    Will you please counter key details that Jeff asserts. Komrade Stalin would be proud of your broad stroke brusque dismissive of any democratically presented objective concerns- on behalf of we the people.
    I also admire your SPANISH INQUISITION technique of torturing the Socratic Method. You juxtapose Jeff’s Core Patriotism (some, like your ally Peter Josie, SHALL never arrive at that esteemed actualization) with the selling of ones soul for money.
    Nice subliminal trick but Jeff will garnish respect and honor based on his embrace of the PATRIOTIC REFERENDUM.
    Please read the Jeffersonian inspired “Declaration Of Independence” and Dr.M.L.King’s Been to The Mountaintop speech on behalf of striking sanitation workers in Memphis
    I bet you would bar the youth of St Lucia from in depth understanding of these two documents!
    Nuff said1

  2. Political Observer,

    Excellent! You proverbially hit the nail precisely on the head!

    In re-reading Fedee’s letter after your letter and the previous comment, one is struck how both Jeff’s letter and the comment above seem to have the overwhelming tone of disturbingly aggressive, vapid and thoroughly unbalanced desperation.

    At least, in that one manner, the SLP’s press releases, columns, supporters’ Letters to the Editor and comments all share that tone in common.

    Truly a sad comment on the present state of the Opposition. With almost every successive comment, quote and socially disruptive protest stunt, they seem hellbent on further proving their complete lack of suitability for leading anything more than a Friday night session at the rum shop on the corner.

    That said, in this bipartisan environment, fault has lied on both sides. This unfortunate legacy does back literally decades. No one government is perfect, that’s undeniable. However, it is high time that we stop wanting what we know we cannot have. That’s reality.

    This country has a democratically elected government that a convincing majority of St. Lucians voted for. Our nation is but a tiny bit player in the global order, a dynamic order behest on all sides by the roiling forces of politics, economics, security, and environmental shifts.

    Now is the time for St. Lucians to come together to constructively dialogue and to work within the very functional system and structures that we have in place to participate in engaging with each other and with government in helping to determine the course for our nation and what kin of country our kids will inherit.

    SLP’s leadership and those party disciples who claim to follow them, in terms of their role they have chosen in the general public discourse, they seem to be more a part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    God Bless.

  3. ………..PO; you doing alright,……..just need a stronger disinfectant in the case of Moule A Cheque,…….more jeeze!!….

  4. Calvin sans Klein (couldn’t help the play on words 🙂
    & Sam de Jame**e recruiter 🙁
    La question difficile est plus importante que la proposition «devenir riche rapidement»!
    -all your vacant gesticulations in the absence of objective open debate over the sale of Helen at Conway salted sardine prices,
    (even the base price of a blonde Muscovite gentleman’s escort in Little Odessa,Brooklyn,NY , is $950 an HOUR);
    not unlike an adolescent, in vigorous upward throttle of the appendage fronting his scrotum, while succumbing to in flight fantasies of a young Vanessa Del Rio …..
    Garcons, carry on- your palmella is always confirmed for mental take offs via Probus Airways, oui!

  5. It is interesting to note how the discourse on this has been leveraged in the Jamaican news media in a paid column rather than an unpaid comment, like the rest of us, in the Looshan news media in which the original letter by jeff was published.

    It seems sad that Jeff’s sharing of his reflections, whether one agrees with them or does not agree with them, is seemingly being capitalized on utilizing a separate, perhaps, paid-columnist media platform, rather than engaging with a reply like the rest of us on the media platform on which Jeff chose to share, that is The Voice, not one of the Jamaican-based, left’right-whatever leaning media:

    Hopefully Jeff receives some type of residual or royalty for giving a the opportunity to an allegedly renumerated columnist to seemingly, arguably repeat Jeff’s content interspersed with a regurgitation of of the columnist’s past, somewhat freshened, content from prior paid columns.

    All are free to make their own conclusions and form their own opinions, one of the hallmarks of our living in a fully-functioning, democratic society with free speech.

    One way or the other, there is always a benefit in all engaging collaboratively in an on-going discourse, each of us free to make our own judgements.

    God Bless.

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