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Single Mothers Gain Multifaceted Skills Development

THE St. Lucia Crisis Centre in collaboration with United Nations Development Program and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States is conducting a Multifaceted Skills Development Training Programme to empower single mothers.

The Programme will provide capacity building services to improve the economic and social situation of twenty young mothers and their families.

The Parenting Skills component of the programme has come to a close at the St. Lucia Crisis Centre. This session will effectively meet the needs of children of the individual trainees.

Practical Component:
The sewing machines provided by Caritas will make it possible for these young people to begin the practical component of the programme commencing Monday 8, January and ending March, 2018.

The objectives of this important programme also include training in sewing various items for income generation and will incorporate and benefit differently-abled persons as well. Twenty young women will be certified as having completed a multifaceted training course.

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