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Carnival Weekend’s Big Winners

Image of Arthur Allain

THIS year’s carnival season wrapped up on Tuesday evening following two days of Parade of the Bands, the final day being threatened by Tropical Storm Don, for which only intermittent rainfall was experienced.

Image: Courts Babonneau Steel Orchestra
Courts Babonneau Steel Orchestra

“Tribe of Twel” captured yet another Band of the year title and also picked up top spots for Best Portrayal of Theme and Individual of the Year.

As many had anticipated, Ricky T’s “Sully” won the Road March title. The song earned the Teasel fourth place in this year’s Groovy Soca Monarch held on Sunday evening. Ricky T’s other track, “Drunkard”, earned him the Party Soca title that same evening in the Party Soca Monarch.

Islah Man’s “Drunk and Disorderly” earned the 2016 Party Soca champ second place while Ezra (“Give Thanks”) and Subance (“Bad in Bum Bum”) placed third and fourth respectively.

Image: Wilrock Laborie Steel Orchestra
Wilrock Laborie Steel Orchestra

Arthur Allain pulled off a four-peat in this year’s Groovy Soca Monarch with “Over and Over”, with Nerdy and Shemmy J placing second with “Bouncing” and Q-Pid third with “Boss Lady”.

Image of Arthur Allain
Arthur Allain

The long carnival weekend began on Friday evening with Panorama at the Sab Facility, which was won by Courts Babonneau Steel Orchestra. The other five bands that participated placed in the following order: Wilrock Laborie Steel Orchestra (second), Pantime Steel Orchestra (third), Pantastic (fourth), Survivors (fifth) and Busta (sixth).

Image of Nerdy and Shemmy J
Nerdy and Shemmy J

On Saturday evening, Pep won his eighth calypso title with “Why I Died” and “Never Be Afraid”, with Solange placing second with “The Great Divide” and “”That’s A Lucian Ting”. Morgie’s “Make Saint Lucia Great Again” and “MwenPeh” earned him third place while Nintus (“Jesus In Jail” and “Play U Ball Play”) and Herb Black (“Mwen Faché” and “No Tra La La”) tied for fourth place.

Below are the official results for this year’s Parade of the Bands.

1st – Royalites Xtreme (“Showtime”) — 72 points
2nd – Tribe of Twel (“Sailors &The Ladies Who They Love”) — 70 points
3rd – Taboo (“Captain America & Mystic”) — 58 points
4th – Fuzion Mas (“Anubis”) — 56 points

1st – Just4Fun — 76 points
2nd – Fuzion Mas — 67 points
3rd (tied) Tribe of Twel and Taboo – 53 points

Image: Back In Time won J’Ouvert
Back In Time won J’Ouvert

1st – Back in Time (“Music: The Life of the Party) — 395 points
2nd – Mudsters (“Glow in the Mud”) — 366 points
3rd – J’Ouvert Jammers (“Carnival Babies) — 270 points
4th – MBC (“Skittles”) — 253 points

Image: Robert Calderon won ‘Ole Mas’
Robert Calderon won ‘Ole Mas’

1st – Robert Calderon (“St. Lucia National Trust Allen No More”) — 367 points
2nd – Arthur Charles (“DSH – Government Fishing 4 Investment Master Baiters”) –352 points
3rd – Carlton Ishmael (“Trump under pressure to come clean with Russian ties”) — 350 points
4th – Kingsley Haynes (“Vieux Fort No More, It’s a Pearl of the South. Are you from the Pearl? I am.”) — 340 points

Image of Islah Man
Islah Man

1st – Tribe of Twel (“Wi Mama MiMatlo”) –122 points
2nd – Just4Fun (“Escape”) — 111 points
3rd – RoyalitesXtreme (“Sunrise to Sunset”) –109 points
4th – Fuzion Mas (“Greatness in the Sands”) –106 points

1st – Tribe of Twel (“Poseidon, Lord of the Deep” – Adrian Augier) — 430 points
2nd – Tribe of Twel (“Jean & Dinah” — Sharon Tanner) — 413 points
3rd – Tribe of Twel (“Wi Mama MiMatlo” – Tanisha Nicky Williams) — 381 points
4th – RoyalitesXtreme (“Transcendence” – Natanni St. Omer) — 375 points

1st – Ricky T (“Sully”) – 46
2nd – Mac 11 (“Bend Up Your Back) –11
3rd – Subance (“Bad in Bum Bum”) –10
4th – Ambi (“Knock It Already”) — 8

Image of Ricky T
Ricky T

1st – Tribe of Twel (“Wi Mama MiMatlo”) — 391 points
2nd – Just4Fun (“Escape”) — 356 points
3rd – Royalites Extreme (“Sunrise to Sunset”) — 345 points
4th – Fuzion Mas (“Greatness in the Sands”) — 343 points

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