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Hope Centre Is Launched

Image of Hope Centre Staff

THE Southeastern Caribbean College on Thursday morning officially extended its arm with the launch of the Hope Centre, which focuses on growing healthy families and nurturing the youth.

The Centre, according to staff, is the answer to the cries of the children and families who frequent the Crisis Centre.

Image of Hope Centre Staff
Hope Centre Staff

The Hope Centre is situated on the first floor of the Morgan Building on Maurice Mason Avenue in Sans Souci and is the practical social service vision of the educational institution, SCC.

Reverend Zifus James, President of the SCC, said the Centre was formed to provide support for families and social intervention for communities.

James said he believes the Centre, especially the community aspect of it, is timely, taking into consideration the current situation on the island, with a growing number of cases of abuse, homicides and suicides.

The Centre, he said, provides assessment for families and also seeks to provide support to help people live holistic lives, so that families in general can function properly.

He said: “We believe that if individuals better understand themselves emotionally, mentally and relationally, then they are better equipped to function as individuals. So we begin by conducting assessments of individuals along with their family to identify patterns of behaviour, how the family interacts and how they relate to each other. Once the assessment has been done, then we help the family to develop coping skills to deal with emotional challenges.”

The Centre has been open for the past six months despite the launch being held on Thursday. This was to give staff time to get the programme up and running.

People in need of services are urged to call or come in to the office where they will receive the vital help and support they are looking for.

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