EU Goes Green With Electric Vehicle

THE European Union Delegation in Barbados is going green. The organisation recently acquired an electric vehicle as part of its fleet. Ambassador Daniela Tramacere said: “As one of the leading institutions championing the cause of green energy in the world the EU was delighted to enhance its fleet with a vehicle that helps to protect the environment from the emission of green-house gases”.

Taxi Executive

THE National Taxi Union (NTU) held its biennial Conference of delegates earlier this month. At the Meeting a new executive committee was elected to manage the affairs of the NTU for the next two years. It comprises: Kenneth Phillip (President), George Joseph (Vice President), Nigel Dickson (Secretary), Linus St. Clair (Assistant Secretary), IsidoreBrisefert (Treasurer), Mervin Dalsou (Trustee), and CantiusJn Baptiste (Trustee).

Mom Is Talking More: Can Coconut Oil Help?

Image of coconut oil

Q: Dear Nurse, my sister took my mom to see a specialist three months ago and they recommended she use coconut oil in her diet. I am not sure the amount prescribed but recently I have been noticing my mom is communicating better and recognizing me when I come to visit her. She used to always confuse my sister and I and I feel she really knows it is me. She had stopped talking over a year ago only, “yes” and “no” answers. Now she can tell me exactly what she wants. Does the coconut oil really have anything to do with it? Will it heal her?

Pakistan To Tour

St. John’s, Antigua – The West Indies and Pakistan Cricket Boards have agreed to play three Tests, three One-Day-Internationals and two Twenty20 matches in the Caribbean from Monday, March 27 to Monday, May 15. The series is scheduled to start in the twin-island of Trinidad and Tobago and end in Dominica.

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Image of Crime pill

IT’S a hard thing watching, reading or listening to the news these days knowing that at least one crime story might overshadow whatever positives are being achieved in this country. Quite often, the nation is left seemingly at a loss for words and comprehension as to why “good boys” and “good girls” keep raping our women, robbing our homes or killing each other through senseless violence.

Desalination Plants for St. Lucia?

Image: Caribbean journalists and plant officials during a tour of the desalination plant at Ashkelon in December. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

WITH the scarcity of potable water increasingly becoming a major headache for consumers, the introduction of desalination plants in Saint Lucia might well be the solution to the island’s water woes. Last week, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet said government was working assiduously towards improving the island’s water supply. To that end, he cited government taking a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to dredge the John Compton Dam which has lost its holding capacity due to heavy siltation caused by torrential rains and storms.

Now, a ‘Festival’ For Our Nobel Laureates

A name change to what had traditionally become known as Nobel Laureate Week is expected to add more enthusiasm to this year’s event that pays homage to Saint Lucia’s two Nobel Prize-winners, Sirs William Arthur Lewis and Derek Alton Walcott. The festival runs from January 15 through February 4 and a number of activities aimed at celebrating excellence and tapping into the Saint Lucian psyche have been planned…

Emergency Personnel At Barbados Training

SECURITY, public health and disaster management personnel from across the Caribbean are being put to the test as they participate in a training exercise aimed at improving regional responses during an emergency situation. The exercise, Synergy 2017, will present emergency scenarios that could occur in the Caribbean region. The exercise started yesterday and continue today at the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) based in Barbados.

U.S. Company To Build CIP Hotel in Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, CMC – A United States-based company is set to invest US$58 million in the Grenada tourism industry under the island’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) that Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell said is a way of “bringing serious investments to the country”. The five-star KimptonKawana Bay Resort, due to open in 2019, will comprise 110 luxury studio rooms and 45 suites. Twelve additional penthouse apartments will also be available for sale to private owners.