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More Courses to be offered at SALCC

After 30 years of existence, the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) is assessing ways in which it can more effectively meet the needs of clientele.

Sonia Severin, SALCC Institutional Effectiveness Manager, said the transformation of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) into a university college will bring about positive gains.

She said: “We will still focus on meeting the needs of the Saint Lucian populace, and maybe we will be more capable of doing so through the range of programmes that we are offering—and it is not just the fact that we are broadening the range of programmes, but we are focusing as well on new areas of programming that could contribute to national development.”

The SALCC is also exploring building more cohesive relationships between the institution and the private and public sectors.

Severin said: “In this regard, we would be better able to respond to the various demands of the groups and sectors in the society. So for example, in the tourism sector, or the agriculture sector, there is a need for persons trained in particular areas. Because of the types of relationships that we will develop with our public and private partners, we will be able to respond more quickly to those needs, whether it is through certificate courses or full programmes in the particular areas.”

It is anticipated that legislation establishing the university college will be laid before the House of Assembly during the 2016-2017 academic year to enable the first entrants to register in August 2017 for Bachelor degree programmes.


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