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Woman Of The Week – Fredreika Joseph-Leon

Image of Fredreika Joseph-Leon
Fredreika Joseph-Leon

They say one can never have too much publicity and in the case of today’s WOTW, this is so true because people need to see the face of this super woman whose kindness knows no bounds.

Fredreika Joseph-Leon is the General Manager of the M&C Drugstores and is an all round extrovert who loves life and has one of the biggest hearts ever with a caring and humorous side that could make an angel jealous.

Joseph-Leon credits her personality to her humble beginnings and being a mother.

She said: “I know I wouldn’t be where I am without the help of my God. I am from very humble beginnings yet I have two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s degree…all scholarships. I have a wonderful job and a team that I love (most of the time). My kids are the greatest! Like their mom they are very caring, giving, loving, intelligent…A supportive family who are proud of my accomplishments. I have loads of wonderful friends. I am happy! I am truly blessed and I thank God every single day.

During the interview with The VOICE, she revealed how that same humble upbringing is the reason that she is paying it forward with her acts of kindness today. However, the avid reader in her who loves a good book, also encourages those that she helps to be determined to succeed as it was that very determination and hunger to get out of her underprivileged childhood that propelled her into being the successful woman that she is today.

Joseph-Leon was recently in the media spotlight after a single act of kindness where she reached out to help two young less fortunate boys from her son’s class by bringing them packed lunches and new uniforms, snowballed into a massive project now over four years in the running.

She has now been on the receiving end of funding from major sponsors including Michael Chastanet, Peter Devaux, Maher Cheriki and Samuel Rosenberg from Axcel Finance to help send nearly 200 children to school.

When asked why she even thought to do something like that, the Good Samaritan said it all just started by helping a few of her children’s classmates who didn’t have. It was only a few books, lunch, a pair of shoes, etc.

“The programme really began with the need to keep our boys in school and so the R.C Boys has a special place in my heart. We need to give our boys a fighting chance and there’s no better way than to keep them in schools”

Joseph-Leon said even though she has her own children, she takes pleasure in helping other children out and she will not stand to being told that she should not worry about other people’s children: “We need to change our mindset and see them all as our children.

If we don’t help them now, many of those young men are headed to a life of crime. By saving them today you may be saving your own life tomorrow. Surprisingly, what started as a programme to keep boys in schools now has as many if not more girls being helped.”

The mother of two said taking part in this initiative has now become one of her greatest joys and the results bring her immense satisfaction.

She said: “That’s the inspiration to continue. Every year I would say, ‘I’m taking a break next year!’ but it just doesn’t happen. Whenever I receive a call or a parent stops by to thank me about the donation, I always remind them to say a prayer for my sponsors. I tell them that is the greatest gift that can be given. This year we have several students who were successful at the Common Entrance exams and this makes my heart sing. I am praying that this becomes contagious. I am hoping that more persons feel the need to help in their own small way. All it takes is a caring heart and a phone call to a school. It doesn’t have to be a large donation, it can be as small as sponsoring a pair of shoes, providing toiletries, a meal… anything you can do no matter how small will make a difference.”

As usual, The VOICE asked the WOTW to reveal a little secret about herself and although it was brief, she spoke volumes: “I am very religious with a little devil residing somewhere inside.”

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